Are you looking for best looking, custom-made, high quality apparel that can accurately represent your corporate identity? That’s what UNIQFORM is here to offer you through our platform that links you to amazing talent on uniform manufacturing.


The name itself already suggests what we are capable of. UNIQFORM offers you the expertise and experience of people proficient on everything about CORPORATE UNIFORM creations. We are an apparel manufacturer and distributor specializing in creating very distinctive pieces of apparel.

They come in a wide range of designs and colors to choose from where you can find those pieces that can effectively represent what you want your corporate identity to look like. Our customer base is wide and growing, which includes not only just small businesses, clubs, teams and organizations but also some of the big player corporations in the industry.

With us, it is not only about making uniform for appearance but apparel that would unite your team, your organization or business towards a single goal. You can create your own unique UNIFORM all through with us. Let us work together and achieve your very idea of corporate soul embedded in unique apparel. 

"It is NOT only a UNIFORM.
It’s MORE than just APPEARANCE.
It is Corporate SOUL Within Unique Apparel YOU designed"


Benefit of Corporate Identity (Uniform)