The Brand

UNIQFORM is a combination of words that accurately describes what our business is all about. We are all focused in creating a completely unique uniform style to represent your own personal style and the way you want to carry yourself. What we are here for is to help you design your own uniform, in the way that it will be practical for use and effective in bringing unity to your team or organization.

What we are is a unique brand that’s all about custom design and highlighting your own uniqueness. We live the very idea that every one of us is unique and through our uniform, we can help you show that. Only by means of simple uniform, you can show your spirit, inspire and showcase your creativity as well.

Our brand is a representation of yourself and what you are capable of. What makes us or you unique? It’s the way we have looked inside our own and embraced the weirdness and anything that we are. We embraced that, we channeled it and created the brand that can help you channel your own uniqueness as well.

We told ourselves we are different and there’s nothing wrong with it. We are who we are and we are going to let the world know about us. They will know and they will love us. That’s also what the brand can offer you – love yourself and then people will love you. It’s all about embracing your own quirkiness first. 



Brand Image

UNIQFORM is an apparel manufacturer and distributor dedicated to deliver high quality custom-made uniform brands to our entire customer base. Our very own brand, UNIQFORM, is a composed of quality, personalized uniforms and apparels. We have always been dedicated to bringing our customers local custom – made uniforms made of the best cotton.

These uniforms boast of not only the best fabrics but also of the perfect tailoring. At the same time, they are very personal, distinctive and trendy, that plus coming in rich selection of the most vibrant colors. Whatever you are looking for, you have our staff to help you in creating the perfect uniform that represents your uniqueness. 

Our UNIQFORM design style is based primarily on physical crop Asians. But the design has particular emphasis when it comes to the shoulders. Shirts and uniforms are also characterized with cuffs trimmed part. Shirts are mostly casual and in semi-fitted type. This way, the uniform can all cater to your different wearing needs.

UNIQFORM is one of the only platforms completely dedicated to creating apparel that suits your wearing needs and satisfy your style. Unlike with ready made shirts, you will find deep satisfaction to having created your own uniforms. It will leave you a great sense of accomplishment and confidence. UNIQFORM can help you achieve the very feeling of being able show your own self.

With UNIQFORM, you create it yourself and we are just here to help. It is time to make some awesome & unique CORPORATE UNIFORM now!

The Uniqueness

UNIQFORM is considered as one of the best distributors and manufacturers of top quality custom-made uniform. Our brand is composed of high quality personalized apparels and uniforms. UNIQFORM is the only platform that is dedicated to making apparel that will satisfy your style and fits your wearing needs. Designs, logos and artwork have been added to clothing for centuries, with different methods developed in recent times with inherent drawbacks and benefits. Ever wondered how the logo was applied to your work uniform? Chances are it was embroidered onto the shirt with embroidery machines.

Semi-Fitted Cutting

Semi-Fitted is a type of clothing that clings to the body of the individual to enhance his silhouette. It is the opposite of loose fit, which is easy to identify from a distance as it appears oversize for the wearer. Semi-Fitted apparel is good for average individual or slightly bulky individual to make him look slim and trim. If you have a V shaped body, slim fit looks nice on you. There is no extra fabric in the garment, and slim fit appears to be perfect for lean and average individuals. If there is no Semi-Fitted available in the market, thin people have to make do with the smallest size of clothing item and get it altered to give it an appearance of tailored garment.

Fashionable Sewing Type & Neat Sewing Type

Learning how to properly sew can be challenging, particularly if you pick the wrong sewing machine. Prior to using a sewing machine, it is very imperative to identify the parts you must focus on and that will help you determine how to choose the best sewing machine. For instance, if you would like to focus more on sewing clothing or accessories you might want to get a standard computerized machine that can handle at least 20-50 stitch settings for garment construction and has a removable sewing arm to allow you to easily sew seams and sleeves.


When it comes to our finishing process, we carefully iron your uniform to make sure that it is ready for delivery. We have a professional and knowledgeable staffs that are well trained ad fully skilled in finishing process. We make use of high quality fabric that can last for a long time. We assure our customers that they will never be disappointed with our products.


Product packaging is meant to protect your merchandise from any damage. This is when the manufacturer transports the commodities to retailers and while the goods are on the shelves of retail outlets. Moreover, packaging is not only for protection of products. It also plays a vital part in the marketing mix, advertising campaigns and pricing standards, creating unique brand identities and describing new products. Packaging must have the element of value. In other words, consumers are fascinated by sophisticated packaging. For most shoppers, the product is expensive and classy if packaging looks stylish. This is the reason why packaging should both have functionality and aesthetic qualities.

UNIQFORM is here to help you creatively design your uniform that helps you bring unity to your organization or team. For more details, please feel free to visit our website and we would be happy to assist you in the best way we can.