Custom Made

UNIQFORM is a brand that’s dedicated to creating custom-mad design uniform for companies, organizations, teams and individuals interested to having their own, personalizedshirts. If you are a looking of to get a lasting impression, a custom-made design shirt is definitely what you are looking for.

When it says custom-made design, you can correctly guess we offer you shirts and apparels that were personally designed. You can create your own shirt with your own design and we will take care of it for you. With UNIQFORM, you can definitely let go of your creativity and embrace the creative freedom we are ready to offer you. We give you the opportunity to make a shirt of the design you imagine.

A custom-made design is definitely the best not only for you, your team, company or organization but just about anyone you wish to present them to. You can use any image you want to, design any specific design, depict a scene in your favorite movie, or get a quote from your favorite book. There are a lot of good things there is to customized shirt and that’s what we can offer you.

The possibilities here are endless as you can take any moment, occasion, or just about anything and bring it to life in the most memorable way through UNIQFORM’s shirts. They are the perfect gift to any occasion or to any purpose. So no matter what reason it is for, you can rest assured that UNIQFORM shirts are the perfect shirts for you and your people. 


Custom-Made Design

Ready Stock

UNIQFORM, of course, is readily available to offer you whatever you are looking for. If you are looking for custom-made design, but ready stock products, we have them as well. You can simply look over our ready stock products and see if anything is to your taste. There might be something there that is just aligned to what you are looking for when it comes to unique, personalized shirts.

The process of getting to you your personalized shirts starts from your design. The shirts are personalized so we are going to need your personal design, exactly what you want to have designed in your uniform. Once we have established the design you want, we will set out into getting your uniforms printed.

To ensure of the quality of your shirts, we use the best fabric. Your shirts will definitely look great and extraordinary comfortable when you wear them. We choose well on fabric as well as production to your benefit. We will manufacture just as much uniforms you need from us. We have our staff take care of quality control to ensure of tremendous high quality work.

Once we have produced the number of shirts you asked us and on your part have made the necessary payments, we will have your shirts shipped safe and secured to where you want them delivered. We utilize the safest delivery options and with that, you can be sure that your uniforms are delivered right to your doorstep without any worries at all.