Our Facilities


In order to bring you the best quality products, we utilize world-class infrastructure on sewing production. Our facilities are capable of fulfilling your uniform needs. All the orders of our brand are out and go through our production facilities located in various points of the country.

We utilize advance technology and follows strict procedures in the production of all your ordered shirts. This way, we are able to offer you consistently with the high service level you expect in all our products.

You can expect that your shirts are not something that’s easily worn out because they are made of the highest quality fabric. As for the embroidery, they are also not easily worn out because it’s the finest embroidery we can offer you through our state-of-the-art embroidery technology.

Additionally, we can promise you fast delivery of our products through our facilities located in a number of ideal locations in the country. In a short cycle, you can have your orders delivered right to where you want them to and subsequently enjoy them. It is our joy to ensure that you can have an excellent experience getting your personalized shirts with UNIQFORM

The Process

Here’s a breakdown of the whole process to which we have your order manufactured and delivered right to you:

  • Appoinment (by Business Representative)

    The first point of the process is to get an appointment by business representative for initial discussion of what you need. We can talk about your design, the kind of fabric and all the small details about your order. It also includes the amount of your order and some papers involved.  
  • Pre-Order

    In this stage is your first order of the uniforms based on the design and details we have discussed. We will take care on ensuring that every detail you pointed out is followed and saw through so. But before the start of production, we offer you our available FREE DESIGN.
  • Quotation / Free Design - 3 Types of Corporate Uniform Design

    Our service is dedicated to providing custom-based apparel, but you can also choose among our free designs if you do not have your own design. We have 3 types of corporate uniform design and from there you can choose what’s best to your corporate identity and that which represents your goal.
  • Order Confirmation

    In this stage, it’s important to confirm the order. This is where we have our staff to confirm all the details about your order. To ensure that your order is according to what you expect, we have all details confirmed again so that everything goes in order. It’s in this stage we make sure that you are satisfied with your order. 
  • Actual Sample (3 Days) / Artwork Sample (3 Days) / Size Testing

    Once the order is confirmed, we set out our staff to work on your orders and in 3 days, we can show you an actual sample of the product for size testing. This way, we can be sure that your orders are according to your needs and expectations. In this stage, we make sure that before we proceed your orders are good. 
  • Customer's Confirmation

    If the order is well and good, we implore that you confirm it to us. If you have issues and modifications you want, we can work in this stage to change the remaining shirts and uniforms you ordered before mass production starts. 
  • Mass Production (2-3 weeks)

    For about two to three weeks, mass production of your orders is on-going. We have our staff to work on your orders and ensure that every detail on it is made accordingly. We have our technicians print your design and put the details you want in your uniforms. 
  • Production Update

    In production update, we send your information about how the production of the uniforms is going. We give you details on how the process is going and how many of your orders are now underway. At the same time, it will help you get an idea when you can get your orders. 
  • Quality Control

    It’s the stage where we make sure of the quality of your orders. We have our quality control department run some tests to determine if your uniforms are the best quality and according to your preferences.
  • Delivery

    The last stage is delivery and by employing the best logistics service, we can have your uniforms delivered right at your place of work safe and secured.